Moderna Vaccine Can Cause Swelling In People With Facial Fillers, Dermatologist Warn

An FDA advisory committee has noted that lip fillers can react badly to Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine.

According to the Daily Mail, a California-based dermatologist named Dr. Shirley Chi said the reaction was immunological. Dr. Chi explained that any side effects were easily treatable with steroids and anti-histamines but added: “Your immune system which causes inflammation is revved up when you get a vaccine, that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

“So it makes sense that you would see an immune response in certain areas where they see some substance that is not a naturally occurring substance in your body,” Dr. Chi continued.

Test patients who had fillers that received the approved Moderna vaccine all had swelling in the area the filler was placed.

Two test patients had cheek filler six months before they received the vaccine, and one had lip filler two days after the vaccine. The reactions were quickly resolved with medical attention, Dr. Chi added, so it shouldn’t deter anyone with fillers from taking the vaccine.

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