"Mom Influencer" Kathleen Sorensen Convicted After Falsely Accusing Latino Couple of Trying to Kidnap Her Kids

“Mom Influencer” Kathleen Sorensen Convicted After Falsely Accusing Latino Couple of Trying to Kidnap Her Kids

A mom influencer who falsely accused a Latino couple of trying to steal her children has been convicted of making up the hoax.

Back in 2020, Kathleen Sorensen made headlines after making a viral video claiming that a Petaluma, California couple tried to take her children from a Michael’s arts and crafts store. According to her, a man and woman followed her closely around the store as she shopped with her children. They allegedly made several comments about the kids before approaching them in the parking lot. Sorensen said the man tried to remove her baby from its stroller before she began frantically screaming for help. She even conducted a news interview identifying the suspects as Sadie and Eddie Martinez.

The couple came forward shortly after and slammed the allegations. They said they were only Christmas shopping and had not done anything to Sorensen or her children. Officers began to suspect the woman of lying after claims on social media did not match up with what she reported to them. Investigators eventually determined the entire story was a lie to boost her Instagram presence. Her account @motherhoodessentials sported 58,000 followers before being deleted.

Sorensen was officially charged with two misdemeanor counts of making a false report of a crime in April 2021. Just days ago, on Thursday, April 27th, she was found guilty. Sonoma County District Attorney Carla Rodriguez says this case not only holds Sorensen accountable but exonerates the couple, whose images were plastered across the news and online.

Sorensen now faces up to six months in jail.

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