Mom Placed Into COVID-Related Coma Wakes to Find She’s Given Birth to Twins

Mom Placed Into COVID-Related Coma Wakes to Find She’s Given Birth to Twins

A woman 24 weeks pregnant was diagnosed with COVID-19. Perpetual Uke was placed on ventilators. When she awoke from a medically induced coma, she was shocked at her discovery.

“By the time I woke up, I was so disoriented. I thought I’d lost my pregnancy because I couldn’t see my bump anymore,” Uke said.

She gave birth to her twins while still asleep. Queen Elizabeth Hospital successfully performed a C-section, saving the lives of baby girl Palmer and her brother Pascal.

 “Sometimes, I look at them in tears. I never knew they would make it. It is amazing what medical professional science can offer,” Uke said.

The rheumatology consultant at Birmingham City Hospital in England developed flu-like symptoms in March. “It was really terrifying. Every passing day, I was hoping my wife was not among those who are dead. We are a team, the idea she might not be there was really difficult,” Matthew Uke said.

Perpetual awoke Two weeks after the twins’ birth. “They were so tiny. I couldn’t touch them, I felt so emotional,” she said. It took 116 days for The twins to be discharged from the hospital. Perpetual ended with the following statement:  “I had never wanted them to go through this difficult path at the start of their lives,” she said. “They couldn’t see their mom for two weeks. They have since progressed well.”


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