Mona Scott-Young Talks Reunion Show & Cast Member Pregnancies On Power 105

Power 105 radio personality Cherry Martinez got the opportunity to sit down with Mona Scott-Young and get a few details on Love & Hip Hop’s most recent reunion episode. Some of the questions being why they chose a “Barbara Walters format” show, if Mona was attempting to become a star by interjecting herself into scenes, where was T-Error Mari and most importantly, is Yandy pregnant?

Once again the Yandy rumors are deflected. Yandy says the only person she knows that is pregnant for sure is Kimbella, but never really says that Yandy isn’t. Now, if she’s as close to Yandy as she says, a simple Yes or No could’ve easily answered that question and diffused the rumors. But, it’s not her place to say yes so….



Spotted this video over at Fresh’s.

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