Money Team!! Floyd Mayweather Makes A Fool Of Himself On Shade 45


Lesson Learned: Don’t mess with the Money Team or they will yell at you! Loudly! And use profanity if need be! In another 50 Cent instigated event, Floyd Mayweather calls up to Shade 45’s “All Out Show” to pick a bone with radio show host Rude Jude after Jude made some comments alleging that Floyd is ducking a fight with Pacquiao. In the interview Floyd does everything but say he has 7 Rolls Royce’s parked outside. He is livid! He plays the race card too, because obviously this has everything to do with him being black and Jude trying to keep the black man down.


I love Jude. I’ve been a fan of his since the day I first saw him on Jenny Jones and remain a fan through Shade 45. Floyd definitely lost his cool and FAILED as soon as he let everyone see him sweat. Maybe there is some truth to him ducking Pac Man. Listen to the hilarious interview up top!

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