Monica Shares Her Side Of The Story After Facing Criticism Over Her Fight For C-Murder’s Freedom And Speaks On How Missy Elliott Helped Her Agree To Do the Verzuz With Brandy

Monica opened up about her involvement in the fight to free #CMurder with Kenny Burns on V-103 Atlanta.

Over the past few weeks, the fight to get C-Murder out of prison has been a controversial topic of conversation, especially when it was revealed that singer Monica and reality star Kim Kardashian were involved. Much of the criticism came from C-Murder’s brother, Master P. To clear up some of the drama, Monica went live with Burns on Tuesday.

“I wasn’t trying to discredit anybody else. I did not know Kim well. I knew her in passing,” Monica said, highlighting that she did her own research on the story before she got connected with Kardashian. “Before reaching out, I researched. I researched her father. I researched why this is a desire of hers,” she explained, saying this all happened before getting in contact with C-Murder and LaLa, who ended up connecting the two, Hot New Hip Hop reports.

The singer says in doing research; she found a large amount of evidence that proved he was wrongfully convicted. She said she felt it was time to use her platform to bring about change. “The idea of the ‘relationship’ of it — of course, that’s how we knew each other, but we weren’t together when he was arrested. And we weren’t together during incarcerated, but that never changed our friendship,” she continued. “It was kind of unfair when other people got brought up. For instance, my ex-husband, I never did anything disrespectful in that light. And every time I went to New Orleans, he would too. The daughters know him, as well.

The conversation moved on to Monica’s #Verzuz battle with #BrandyNorwood. Initially, Monica was repeatedly hesitant to participate in the hit-for-hit song-off. The singer said words from fellow artist #MissyElliott played a part in her agreeing to do the Verzuz. “What Missy’s point was that it doesn’t matter what other people think when you all have common ground, and you go there and do your thing. And a big part of it is, my respect for Missy runs so deep, she’s a big part of my industry, she’s a big part of everything that means something to me,” said Monica. “Not just ‘So Gone’ and all of that stuff, but you know how I am. You have been there through me having the children; you’re checking on me outside and farther than just the music goes. You’ve become a part of my life,” Monica said.
She continued: “She was simply saying, ‘Let this be the beginning of many great things. Like you go there and you just simply be you,’ And that’s what I’m going to do wherever I go. And I’m the type of person I can be the biggest supporter of others, but I’m not always supported. So when I feel that from someone, I know that it’s real. Like she was calling right before, we talked on the phone, and we talked right after, and we talked again this morning. Those things are important.”


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