Mo’Nique Reportedly Suing Netflix For Discrimination

Comedienne/actress Mo’Nique is suing Netflix for discrimination.

According to TMZ, the Oscar-winning actress claims that Netflix racially discriminated against her when negotiating a comedy special. In the suit, she says Amy Schumer received $11 Million for a comedy stand up, while the platform only offered Mo’Nique $500,000.

However, as you may recall, Mo’Nique didn’t accept the offer and instead smeared the streaming app publicly, calling for a boycott. But now, the actress is taking it a step further with the suit.

According to the publication, the lawsuit allegedly says that Netflix doesn’t exercise diversity, and that leads to their discriminatory actions. She also says the Chief Communications Officer of Netflix used the n-word in a meeting filled with 60 people in attendance.

The actress allegedly went on to claim that Kevin Spacey also used the n-word on the set of ‘House of Cards’ with no consequences thereafter. She alleged Kevin told his security guards, “I don’t want [n-words] on my set anymore.” However, Mo’Nique is not suing Kevin.

In addition, the actress reportedly used the big pay difference on the Netflix hit series’ “The Crown as an example, where the actress who played Queen Elizabeth ll was paid $14,000 less than the actor who played Prince Philip. This was only resolved after a public outcry about it.

She is reportedly suing Netflix for unspecified damages and an injunction for the company to change its discriminatory practices.

“Hi, My Loves. I can confirm that today I filed a pay discrimination lawsuit against Netflix.” Mo’Nique wrote in an Instagram post, confirming her lawsuit. “I had a choice to make: I could accept that I felt was pay discrimination or I could stand up for those who came before me and those who will come after me. I chose to stand up. I don’t have any further comment at this time, but I appreciate all of your love and support.”

In response, a Netflix spokesperson said they will be fighting Mo’Nique on her claims, as they believe their offer was fair.

“We care deeply about inclusion, equity, and diversity and take any accusations of discrimination very seriously. We believe our opening offer to Mo’Nique was fair — which is why we will be fighting this lawsuit,” the statement read.

Monique sues for discrimination

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