Mo’Nique Sounds Off on Oprah Winfrey Over Her “Leaving Neverland” After Show

After the HBO premiere of “Leaving Neverland,” which detailed years of abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey hosted a Q&A with the controversial accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Though Winfrey’s after-show served as an opportunity to hear the stories of the accusers and promote healing from the effects of child abuse, many found issue with the subject of the discussion – Michael Jackson.

In fact, in her own Youtube podcast, “Open Relationship,” Mo’Nique opened up about the documentary and Winfrey’s after-show, and expressed her frustration with the slander of a man, who has been proven innocent in a court of law and is no longer here to defend himself. 

“Here’s a man that was found not guilty in the eyes of the law. And you wait for 10 years after this man was deceased, to now do an interview with people who said they lied,” she said, referencing Jackson’s acquittal on charges of molestation. “For me, it’s sad and disheartening. That man welcomed you in his home and you spoke of how beautiful, and all the love this man has shown children all over the world.” 

“When we’re calling someone a molester and they’re no longer here…Michael Jackson is not here to defend himself, which is a major problem,” she continued. “[He was] found not guilty..then you come back and you allow these two men to get on your platform and tell this story, and that man cannot defend himself, who does that?” 

“Was it right, or was it for ratings,” Mo’Nique asked. 

The comedian has been very vocal about Winfrey, as of late. In fact, in 2017, Winfrey was one of the three people she accused of conspiring to blackball her after her “Best Supporting Actress” Oscar for “Precious.” 

In the meantime, social media has been split over the Michael Jackson drama. While some refuse to believe the allegations, in light of Robson’s inconsistencies, others have been connecting Jackson’s case to R. Kelly’s because of the not guilty verdicts. However, in Kelly’s initial case, he was acquitted of child porn, not sexual abuse charges.

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  1. Deanne Carol Smith

    Oprah Winfrey is one of the biggest opportunities I’ve ever seen,she waits until this man has been gone for over 10 years and brings on these young men. It’s all about money Oprah is going to have her day

  2. I have to agree with Mo’Nigue on this one. I am disappointed in Oprah for this.

  3. Angela Williams

    I agree it is unfair to accuse ,talk about all this now that Michael has been murdered by the kkk.Ayran Nation. One kid/young man was lying and the other one was telling the truth. Michael and R Kelly both are just not able to confess what they have done. Our clues to Michael’s abnormality was when he carried around Emmanuel Lewis, then the monkey(God knows what weird crap he did with the monkey), never ever had a girl friend. Michael didn’t understand he was abnormal, he was already in the throws of it, he couldn’t examine his actions but he did know he was doing something wrong and that’s why you hide it. This is what happens when we don’t protect our children from scares, and adult practices. this lays at the feet of Joe and Katherine’s , his older brothers, any adult in charge of the boys and their village.

  4. no matter how many of us may feel about oprah’s neverland interview, I do believe that Mo’nique will never be able to be subjective as it relates to anything that oprah does

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