More Cocaine Washes Up Along Florida Coastline; Latest Finding Worth $43,000

More Cocaine Washes Up Along Florida Coastline; Latest Finding Worth $43,000

Somewhere out there, a drug dealer is highly pissed off after agents seized $43,000 worth of cocaine that washed up along Florida’s coastline.

On Thursday, approximately three pounds of packaged cocaine washed ashore near Cape Canaveral, Florida coastline. U.S. Border Patrol agents initially became suspicious of one odd-looking rectangular parcel. Upon opening it, they discovered the illegal substance. It is unclear where the drugs originated from, but this latest discovery is just a small drop in the bucket as the state continues to see an influx of drugs washing up on beaches.

In August, cocaine was found onshore in multiple spots on Daytona Beach. Then, just two months later and again on Daytona Beach, a resident turned over almost 11 pounds of cocaine that washed ashore, with a street value of over $150,000. That same month, authorities located 50 individually wrapped powdered cocaine packages on a beach in Vero Beach. Reports of questionable cargo near a condominium complex led to the discovery. That haul was estimated to be worth about $1.7 million.

Each time, the drugs were safely removed from the premises and discarded. However, police are still grappling with stopping these packages from making it to beaches altogether. Thankfully, each time no reports of harm were reported.

Police are encouraging anyone who comes in contact with suspicious packages on coastlines to contact authorities immediately. Witnesses are urged not to touch the packets.

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