Four More Teens Turn Themselves In For The Murder Of Philadelphia Man

Four More Teens Turn Themselves In For The Murder Of Philadelphia Man

Four more teens have come forward to turn themselves in for the murder of an elderly Philadelphia man.

Last month, seven minors brutally assaulted a 73-year-old ma named James Lambert, Jr. by beating him with a traffic cone. The entire incident was captured on surveillance camera, and since then, two of the seven teens have turned themselves in.

As Baller Alert previously reported, one of the teens, identified as 14-year-old Richard Jones, has been charged as an adult with third-degree murder for alleged criminal conspiracy. Jones’s 10-year-old brother also turned himself in for his involvement. However, he was released without any charges.

The incident happened on June 24, around 2:30 a.m. New details reported by NBC News say the man asked the children why they were out playing so early in the morning. According to one of the minors’ attorneys, at one point, it was suggested that the group go bother Lambert.

Lambert passed away after being taken to a local hospital. His sister says she’s trying to understand how this all happened.

“When my parents died I raised my brothers and sisters. It’s so sad he lived that long and these kids would take his life and beat him like he was nothing in the street,” Elsie Stephens said. “He was trying to get away from them and they ran behind him and beat him like he was nothing.”

The investigation is ongoing.



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