More Than 91,000 People, The Most Of The Pandemic, Now Hospitalized With Coronavirus In The US

After a month of skyrocketing COVID-19 cases, the US has reached its highest number yet of hospitalizations since the pandemic started due to the virus.

According to CNN, the United States had surpassed 80,000 daily hospitalizations on November 19 and set new records steadily for 17 days straight until Friday, the COVID Tracking Project claimed. Then on Saturday, the grim number reached 91,635.

The spread of coronavirus has been climbing at alarming rates leading up to and just following the recent Thanksgiving holiday and could soon worsen due to the related holiday travel, experts say.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, as of Saturday, more than 13.2 million people have been infected by the virus, and at least 266,047 people have died.

More than 4 million of the total cases of the pandemic have been reported in November (which is about 30%), and more than 100,000 cases have been recorded every day for the last 26 consecutive days, Johns Hopkins University said.

Despite warnings from officials and health experts to stay home for the holidays, there was still an uptick in travel the week of Thanksgiving. Experts believe that with the weather getting colder and more people gathering indoors, the number of cases could worsen in the coming weeks.


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