Six of the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites Fit for a True Baller
St. Regis Maldives, John Jacob Astor Estate (Marriot)

Ballerific Travel: Six of the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites Fit for a True Baller

Picking the right hotel is the most important part of a trip. While most people are choosing over $200 to $500 per night hotels, there are others in a different bracket.

This list of hotel rooms starts in the five-digit price range, like $27,000 per night and up. There are penthouses, overwater villas, and underwater hotels for those ready to spend a pretty penny.

And if you’re interested, plan a stay and tell us how it went.

John Jacob Astor Estate at St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort in Maldives. The resort’s three-bedroom over-water villa is the largest in the Maldives—over 18,000sq ft—and starts at $27,000 a night. The villa has a private gym, cinema room, and spa suites attached to each bedroom. It has three staff quarters, an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, and two plunge pools.

The Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel, anchored in St. Lucia is the highest on the list. Coming in at $150,000 a night, it’s the most expensive hotel in the world. Guests should know off top, it’s not your traditional accommodation. For one, guests stay underwater in a submarine that can move around the Caribbean at guests’ request. And of course, it comes with 5-star accommodation, including but not limited to your own captain, chef, butler, and beach visits.

Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab is also for the high rollers. Its grand accommodation, The Royal Suite, is decorated in 22-karat gold and comes with a butler, spa, and numerous staff members at your request, all for $28,000 a night. Burj -Arab was the world’s first seven-star hotel, so it’s not surprising to see its expensive prife tag. What makes it even more appealing is that it sits on an artificial island. Oh! And it has an underwater restaurant.

The Mark Penthouse at the Mark Hotel in New York not only overlooks Central Park but it’s the largest penthouse in the U.S. The 10,000-square-foot booking covers the top two floors of the hotel and consists of 5 bedrooms, six bathrooms, two wet bars, and a large open living room. If you’re interested, plan to cut a check for $75,000.

The Penthouse Suite in the Hôtel Martinez will run your pockets $53,000 a night. Located in Cannes, France, it is one of the best-known resorts in the Côte D’Azur. Guests can enjoy the 1000-square-foot suite that comes with stunning panoramic views of the ocean. What’s cool about it is the several artifacts from Picasso and Matisse decorating the walls of the four-bedroom suite.

Empathy Suite at The Palms, Las Vegas, is listed as the second most expensive hotel in the world. For $100,000, guests get two master bedrooms and a cantilevered jacuzzi that offers views of the Las Vegas strip. Because Damian Hurst redesigned it, the suite has six of his original art pieces and custom furniture that includes his motifs.

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