Morgan McCoy and her daughter
Morgan McCoy and her daughter

Mother Blames Packaging Of Marijuana-Infused Gummies After Her Child Consumed Two Thinking They Were Candy: ‘This Packaging Is Simply Unacceptable’

A mother calls for marijuana edibles’ packaging to clearly state that it contains marijuana and isn’t for children.

Now, most people don’t want everyone knowing they are consuming marijuana. Many cannabis companies have noted that and have designed their marijuana products’ packaging to cover up the adult snack. But, a Florida mother says it should be the other way around. She instead wants marijuana companies to state their products contain marijuana after her child accidentally ate a THC gummy.

Morgan McCoy of Pensacola confirmed her 6-year-old daughter ate Faded Fruits Hawaiian Punch gummy over Memorial Day weekend. She called the incident “one of the scariest moments,” according to PEOPLE. The mother ended up having to take her daughter to the hospital after she found her unresponsive—the gummy contained 50 mg of THC.

PEOPLE reports that McCoy typically takes 25mg to “knock myself out…for sleep or severe pain only.”

“I never want another parent to go through that. The next one may not be so lucky,” McCoy wrote in her Facebook post on June 1. “Had there been more than ONE [gummy] in that package, it is more than likely that I would not have my daughter today.”

She says if the packaging had stated more clearly that it’s THC-infused, her daughter would have never eaten them. “Had the packaging been what it should be… my daughter wouldn’t have looked twice at it,” she wrote. “There needs to be regulation in place to keep companies from putting stuff like this on the market.” She continued: “We as parents are standing idly by while these companies are targeting our kids with what can be deadly doses of THC. In my eyes, this company is guilty of not only negligence but child endangerment on a national scale. And so is our country if we continue to stand idly by.”

She says, “THC is a MEDICATION and needs to be packaged as such. Period,” she added. “This packaging is simply unacceptable.”

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  1. Let me see if I understand this … a Pensacola, Florida woman acquired THC gummies (which are illegal in Florida) and brought them into her home. She placed them in an unsecured area so that her 6-year-old daughter could access them. She is now blaming her illegal possession and gross negligence on the packaging of the product she bought. Did I get that right?

    • Sounds about white.lmao like the package couldn’t be anymore clear its called faded fruit and in bold it says 500 THC.this is not the company fault cause you can’t buy this in the grocery stores she needs to accept the fact she messed up.

    • Moonchild Smokie

      Keep your weed out of reach.
      Also, nobody has ever died eating edibles, (they only thought they were going to… lol).

      The packaging isn’t the problem, the PARENTING IS.
      Get your shit together lady.

    • Clearly the mothers fault.. why do u have ot where your child can get it.. and the package is pretty damm clear on what it is.. wow blame anyone but urself.. she sounds foolish!!!

    • It’s the mother’s fault. My child doesn’t eat any candy with out asking me first. The packaging is not the issue. It’s clearly the mothers carelessness fault

  2. Watch your children..

  3. Lol wow just blame it on the company. Why would
    You leave it somewhere accessible to
    A child. And if the package was really the issue you could have bought a decent package from
    Amazon and replaced it. Duhh

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