Detroit Mother Facing Slew Of Charges After Blind Three-Year-Old Son Was Found In Freezer
Azuradee France and Chayce Allen

Detroit Mother Facing Slew Of Charges After Blind Three-Year-Old Son Was Found In Freezer

A Detroit mother is facing charges in the gruesome death of her blind 3-year-old son, who was found dead inside a freezer.

On Friday, Child Protective Services employees were contacted by an individual concerned about the children of Azuradee France. As a result, three police officers responded to France’s home. While speaking with officers, France acted oddly and was eager for officers to leave. They remained in the house, and during the encounter, the officers located the body of toddler Chayce Allen, decomposing inside a freezer in the home’s basement. The child had gone blind a year earlier.

France had a history of child abuse. When Allen was just two months old, he was sent to live with his aunt Tyshanna France after his mother lost custody of her six children.

“She should have never gotten her kids back after that,” says Azvante Sauls, France’s sister.

Sauls had not seen Allen since last summer. She says the condition of the child during that encounter caused her and her family to intervene. They called CPS and the police department multiple times but were always told that there was nothing that they could do. When Allen was burned last month, CPS got involved and was supposed to do regular three-month check-ups. However, Sauls said they never followed through.

Toni Haynes, France’s mother, is outraged at her daughter’s actions.

“No, that’s not my daughter. I brought a monster into this world and didn’t even know it,” Haynes said.

Allen’s death has been ruled a homicide, though it is unclear how long he’d been in the freezer. France has now been charged with first-degree child abuse, torture, and concealing death charges. She will also face murder charges.

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