Mother Who Recorded Hitting Son With Belt At School Is Under Investigation, Five Children Now In CPS Custody

A mother of a seven-year-old boy went viral this week after she was seen entering Homer Drive Elementary School’s cafeteria and dragging her son outside by his shirt.

The unnamed woman then screamed obscenities at the child, forcing him to apologize to an adult, presumably the child’s teacher who expressed to have had behaviors problems with the child.  The woman began spanking the child several times with what appeared to be a belt and threatening to “break your f**king face,” as someone records the incident.

Now, an associate judge has signed the order allowing the removal of the child in the video, as well as his four siblings, ranging from age 1 to 12, after CPS viewed the viral video. The chief prosecutor in the family law division of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, Randi A. King, said a hearing in one of the two family law courts will take place either November 19 or November 21 for further disposition. CPS spokeswoman, Shari Pulliam, confirmed the removal of the children for safety. Two were reportedly at school when the removal took place.

During the incident, no one intervened while the child was being physically and verbally abused, and Beaumont ISD spokeswoman Hannah LeTulle said in an emailed statement Thursday, “We are in the process of evaluating this incident to determine the next steps in consequences for the behaviors exhibited. We cannot provide personnel information due to the fact that this is an ongoing investigation.”

Homer Drive Elementary principal Dr. Belinda Richardson-George posted on Facebook Wednesday night, “We do not condone this type of behavior from our parents, teachers, and/or scholars. This matter is under investigation.” The state will hold a hearing in two weeks to decide whether the mother should regain custody of her children.

According to 12 News Now, a status hearing will be held to allow the children’s parents a chance to make their case in court, if the children are removed.

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  1. But it’s ok, when the police Beat & or Kill them! ?

    • Look I’m all about the discipline, but you don’t go to the boys damn school and discipline him there! Damn if she does that at a public school I wonder how she is behind closed doors.

      • I was whacked by the principal numerous times on one occasion, right outside the classroom door. I could hear my classmates going oooooh and giggling. My offense was I didn’t eat my lunch.
        The mom here was angry at being called to the school because her kid was disrespectful to a teacher. She said some things that were over the top, but getting a whopping at school used to be the norm, not just by parents but teachers and principals as well.
        In this case the whopping produced the desired effect, the kid apologized to the teacher. I bet he wouldn’t be disrespectful again after that. Now te mother is being disciplined for disciplining him. What message do you think that will send to him?

    • We have no idea how many times that mother has been to the school for this fella bad behavior. This is a parent that’s involved and the teachers who called her to the school should have stopped this.

      • Shit we wont know what happen to him once he’s in foster care and they most likely have him medicated for a little more money then do what they wont to him then say he’s crazy everytime they beat or rape him or threaten the shit out of him so he wont tell sad af everybody from back in the day would be in jail fucking with this media shit these kids are put of control and will have you losing you job tring to run to the school everytime the teacher calls especially just to talk and sad Billy that’s bad then Billy’s laughing at both yall ass

  2. I do not know the details here and do not want to know but as I read this at first blush I see one thing.
    Media has major power, way to much these days! It is time to fix it.
    All people in the media now need to be held to the same accountability level as other professionals with power over people!!!
    Freedom of speech was not mean to be used for the of masses in power for mind control.
    Every doctor, lawyer,accountant, teacher, hairdresser, principal,nurse, realtor ect. has a code of ethics and is stripped of their license if their power is abused or misused.
    However, media says anything and uses that power to control the minds of those that read, listen and watch.
    I wonder just how much we would see if the media were held accountable and stripped of power when it is used for persuasion of masses to rise up in mob mentality. Really Freedom of speech is not free for most people just media.

  3. I think she didn’t need to verbally degrade herself or him. I yes have and did beat my children at school. If you let the kids of today disrespect the teacher, student or any adult, the outcome when they are grown will be horrible for the most part. I just would like to say there is a way its done without a parent looking like they are in need of discipline themselves.

  4. It doesn’t matter white, black, Hispanic whatever that is a child! Your child! What are you doing? OMG! I can’t imagine how that baby felt as she walked away! How sad! I just don’t understand why people turn it into a racial thing. Why would you call your child all of the racial names? To discipline your child is one thing to degrade and demean and abuse is another

    • Lock her up!
      Just plain disgusting behavior by a parent.
      If he has behavior problems I wonder why?

      • These kids need they butt whooped sometime I dont agree with how she talked but these kids will take you there especially when the teacher calls all the time he’s going to clown again

  5. Mom who doesn’t hit

    She should be locked up and never allowed around children. Would she let someone else drag her child around by their shirt and whip his face with a belt?? If she would then even more of a reason to never allow her around children. Disgusting human.

  6. I believe in discipline your child, but there’s a way of doing it. And this ain’t it. This chick doing tha most. There will be no brownie points for child abuse both physically and verbally.

  7. Y’all BITCHES kill me, she done EXACTLY wtf she was suppose to do and that was discipline HER CHILD! Who don’t use the word nigga?? Like I said y’all BITCHES kill me!!! Done took that and ran wit it as if she meant it in any other way, now all of a sudden she don’t need her kids. I fuckin HATE y’all whores wit y’all fake asses because I bet y’all beat the fuck outta y’all kids too and if y’all don’t then you probably need to because I bet money that they the main ones around here disrespecting grown folks and gon make somebody else put their mf’n foot in their ass if not worse. Y’all kids probably the ones disrespecting the fuck outta y’all asses and got y’all scared of them wit y’all stupid asses. That lady done wtf she was suppose to do, I bet he’ll think twice before he even think about disrespecting anybody else. Ugh, I hate this social media shit cause y’all BITCHES irks my fuckin soul yo. That lady got 5 kids and because she was “seen” disciplining one of them in y’all eyes she don’t love, need, or deserve to have any of her children. Smh that’s bullshit!

    • Totally agree. Kids shooting up schools. I’m pretty sure they got all the love in world and I’m pretty sure that didn’t get that ass whooping they needed. My mom had a saying” where you show out is where I’m going to wear your butt out”

    • Why do you people who constantly use curse words think that a child should be spanked when you as an adult are using language that is inappropriate and you know better and maybe you’re the ones who need to be spanked! Regardless, this mother did not act like an adult and should not be hitting her child in the face!

  8. I don’t think the mother did a damn thing wrong. That looks like a regular ass whooping to me. You have to discipline your child if you don’t they will grow up to be monsters. They do bad in school whoop their ass. They talk back and disrespectful whoop their ass. Raise your child right be respectful an ass whooping will do that. Thank you.

  9. Adrian Jerome Perry

    I agree with her all the way she did that was light weight compared to my mom

  10. Think this is bad some of the crap they doing in these foster homes are way worst so I wouldnt wish that on them this is just sad maybe she should have tried to talk to him like she’s probably did 1000 times

  11. Just because I kids gets whooped with a belt doesn’t mean they dont have love I didn’t get whooping I got punishments and that did nothing but let me know no matter what I did I was just going to get my tv took and a long ass talk. The friend I had who did get whooped didn’t play with there mom they way unplayed with mine .

  12. All kids get in trouble and act up at school and require discipline….but this is excessive!!!! Straight up abuse! I wish I could’ve been this child’s teacher because I would’ve intervened and likely lost my job. I’m so glad they removed those kids from her care. Didn’t look like she was taking good care of him anyway!

  13. He’s learned his bad behavior was ok from his home like. His momma showed him. He’s 7! She’s already taught him by her own actions it’s ok to #1 do drugs #2 be a whore #3 beat ya kids Cruz CPS ALREADY BEEN INVOLVED. Or did yall miss that part? Degraded by a female in front of other females and filmed for all to see, threats to break his face and later “til u die” any of yall saying she did no wrong, be ready when your sons beat their women, sell drugs, and hate you till they DO die in the streets!

  14. My heart is broken. I am outraged that these adults at this school stood by and watched this child being beaten and no-one did anything to protect him. Shame on all of them that they stood by and watched. To the individual that filmed this entire encounter you should be prosecuted. If you have any children in your home they should be removed. This mom needs to seek help because there are some serious issues inside the home and with her mentally. I am so glad CPS stepped in and removed the children. She has to get help there is a huge difference between discipline and physical abuse. I pray the children will be ok wherever they are.

  15. I agree with the whipping, but not how it was done. You could easily injure your child if you are wildly swinging a belt around in the crazy manner this woman was. And her language would have earned her a worse whipping if she were my daughter.

    She should have dealt with this at home. Get his side of the story and then teach him what he did wrong and what he should do the next time. Then whip him in private. Take his clothes and underwear off and whip him naked, so you can see what you’re doing. Have him lay on a bed so you can whip him calmly and so you can make sure the lashes land only on his bare bottom and legs. Yes you can whip him hard and long so he really cries, but you need to be the adult here and do it calmly. Then follow through with continuing to teach him how to behave appropriately. I don’t think this woman is capable of teaching appropriate behavior, because she sure didn’t show it.

  16. A similar thing happened to me when I was the same age. Got whipped with the belt in front of my schoolmates in the playground. Then she took me home, stripped me naked, and whipped my bare penis with an extension chord. In those days no one batted an eye at abuse like that. This woman has to be investigated, because if she could do this in public, what is she doing to him at home?

    • Hector silva JR Rodriguez

      Hey I agree with that yes you can give a child discipline with a belt but if you are doing more then that then you have to investigate because if that child is at home he would be getting it worse then at school. The only place you should spank your child is by hand or on the buttocks.

  17. if a father did this oooohhhh the outrage.

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