Mother Shoots and Kills Son Over Missing Memory Card

A 12-year-old boy is dead, and his mother has been charged with his death after becoming infuriated over a missing memory card.

The shocking murder unfolded on Saturday morning when Chicago authorities say 37-year-old Fallon Harris confronted her son, Kaden, about a lost digital memory card that Harris removed from her vehicle the previous night. The child told his mother that he was unsure of where the card could be. In a rage, Harris pulled a gun on her son and shot him in the head. The deranged woman then took a phone call before returning to the kitchen, where the boy was lying on the floor, still conscious and sobbing.

A security system in the home, which captured audio and video of the killing, recorded Harris again asking the seriously wounded child where the card was. When he repeated that he didn’t know, Harris fired another shot into his head, this time fatal.

During a court hearing on Sunday, Cook County State’s Attorney Eugene Wood says the woman phoned two of her relatives and confessed to killing Kaden. The family members called 911 and the boy’s father. Once the father and police arrived at the home, Harris admitted to slaying Kaden.

The child’s father says that while his estranged wife was exhibiting “paranoid behavior” in recent months, he believed she was seeking help, having begun therapy one day before killing their child. He said that Harris “loved Kaden more than anything in the world” but had likely reached her “boiling point.”

“I don’t even think she understands what happened,” he claimed. He also added Kaden was “everything I had in this world.”

Harris has been charged with first-degree murder and faces life in prison.

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