Muhammad Ali Jr. Held Up At An Airport Again

Muhammad Ali Jr. does not have the best of luck when it comes to airports. A month ago he and his mother were detained at an airport in Ft. Lauderdale, allegedly due to their “Arabic-sounding names.” Now, Ali says he was held up at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C.


The incident occurred Friday as Ali attempted to check in for his flight at the airline counter. Ali’s lawyer says his name was flagged in the computer system and instead of accepting Ali’s Illinois ID, the agent put the boxer’s son on the phone with Homeland Security.


Ali’s lawyer says that the Homeland Security call lasted 20 minutes. TSA says it was only 11. Once Ali provided his passport to confirm his identity, Homeland Security gave him the go ahead.


This is better than the time he was held for two hours. Progress, I suppose.



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