DJ Mustard Seeking Sole Legal Custody of Eldest Son Amid Education Dispute with Estranged Wife
Dj Mustard and Chanel Instagram

Mustard’s Ex-Wife Calls Him “Bitter,” Slams Him For Lack of Support Following Divorce

After appearing to take the high road just days ago, Chanel Thierry, the ex-wife of producer Mustard, aired him out on social media.

The Instagram influencer and mother of three voiced her frustrations with the lack of support from Mustard, whose real name is Dijon Isaiah McFarlane. Mustard filed for divorce in May after just two years of marriage, though the couple had been together for several years prior. Just last week, Chanel shared that she signed a prenup despite “shooting in the gym” with her longtime mate. While she may have held him down before the fame, she says she did not “put up a fight” for money when the marriage ended.

Now, it seems that the lack of alimony and child support is getting to the newly single mom. In Friday’s IG Story, Chanel also called her ex “bitter” even though he was the one to file for divorce. She even accused the Grammy-award winner of withholding aid only to spite her.

Chanel's IG Story
Chanel’s IG Story

The icing on the cake, at least for Chanel, appears to be that Mustard left her with only one vehicle, a Lamborghini that is unsuitable for her and three children. When responding to comments, she revealed that since the car was in his name, she could not trade it.

No matter how much she may or may not miss her former lifestyle, Chanel says she refused to stay where she wasn’t wanted.

Hopefully, the former couple can get on the same page for the sake of their children.

Chanel's IG Story
Chanel’s IG Story

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