Myla Sinanaj Says She Never Dated Kris Humphries

Myla Sinanaj is singing a bit of a different tune than we’ve seen her sing before. The same woman who claimed she dated Kris Humphries, was pregnant by him and had incriminating evidence against him that Kim could use in the divorce. Needless to say all of the above were lies.

According to TMZ

Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend says Kris was just a friend whom she never even texted … and she denies Kris paid her off to keep her quiet … TMZ has learned.

Informed sources tell TMZ … Myla Sinanaj — who was deposed by Kim Kardashian‘s lawyer today in New York City — testified she didn’t date Kris, she was never pregnant and she never got any money from him.  As for whether she had sex with Kris, Myla’s lawyer instructed her not to answer the question.

Myla also said she never considered filing a lawsuit against Kris for telling the FBI she tried to extort him.  Tell that one to Myla’s former lawyer, Joe Tacopina, who drafted a 26-page defamation lawsuit on her behalf.

Myla insisted she was not paid off.  By the way, we’re told she no longer works at the New York hotel where she had been employed.

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