Mystikal Breaks Silence On Dropped Rape and Kidnapping Charges

Mystikal Breaks Silence On Dropped Rape and Kidnapping Charges

Mystikal has finally broken his silence after spending more than four years caught up in the “bad dream” of rape and kidnapping charges that were recently dismissed against him.

In an interview with the Associated Press, the rapper says he wanted to drop the sexually charged songs of his past and now set his sights on reaching a higher audience.

“When I look back and listen to the music, man — I was a nasty lil’ rapper!” he said with a hint of embarrassment in an interview with The Associated Press. “A lot of my music now, I imagine myself rapping it to God, and if I can rap it, I’m proud,” the “Shake it Fast” rapper said.

His most recent legal trouble began in October 2016 after a concert stop in Shreveport, Louisiana. According to police records, Mystikal and a few entourage members, including an aspiring rapper, Averweone “Lil Hood” Holman, met up with Holman’s female friend and her boyfriend.

The victim told police the men continuously gave her drinks, and at some point, she got separated from her boyfriend for a few hours, police records said. When the couple reunited, the woman’s boyfriend said she seemed disoriented, and the cops were called.

According to the reports, Holman admitted that he and the victim were both intoxicated and had intercourse. He also told investigators they were the only ones in the room.

In the police report, the victim said she couldn’t remember certain parts of the evening, but she told cops she did recall waking up on a bed with her panties down and Holman’s penis out. She then also recalled another memory of her buttocks hurting and claimed Mystikal was standing behind her.

Mystikal originally told police he wasn’t in the room during the incident and said he “did not hear anything.”

But forensic tests that came back eight months later showed DNA evidence that Mystikal did have an intimate physical encounter with the victim. A toxicology report also found cocaine and another substance in the victim’s system, and she told investigators she did not consume illegal drugs.

Speaking on his legal ordeal, Mystikal revealed that a sexual encounter did happen, but he described it as consensual, saying the victim claimed she was raped because she didn’t want to admit the indiscretion to her boyfriend.

The Louisiana rapper now says he’s learned he’s got to “stay out the water because it’s sharks in that water … in other words, don’t put yourself in situations where things like this can happen. I’m too old for that,” the 50-year-old explained. “I don’t do the groupies on the road (anymore). I don’t perform at the show and get the ladies (excited) and get her all goo-goo-eyed and take advantage (of being a celebrity) … That was a young Mystikal.”

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