Mystikal Released From Prison After Posting $3.3 Million Bond

Rapper Mystikal has been released from prison.

After serving 18 months in prison, the Louisiana rapper has been released on a $3.3 million bond. Mystikal’s attorneys say the money came from an advance for a new recording deal, and funds raised by Mystikal’s family and friend, according to TMZ.

Mystikal – whose real name is Michael Tyler – was imprisoned back in August 2017 for first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping. Reports show the rapper has been planning his release since last month. “It’s been a long time coming for Mike, but now he can get back to being the artist he is, doing what he loves, and seeing his kids again,” said his attorney, Tim Yazbeck.

Mystikal is free until his upcoming trial in May. Mystikal’s other attorney, Joel Pearce, told TMZ they’re confident the rapper won’t go back to prison. “Based on all of the evidence we have, we strongly believe that an amicable resolution is not only possible but probable as an outcome in this case and that Michael Tyler will never be made to return to jail for a crime he didn’t commit,” said Pearce.

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