Nappy Roots Rapper Blasts Stacey Dash For Aborting His Baby

Ryan Prophet, of the group Nappy Roots, says that he and Stacey Dash dated years ago. For some reason, the holiday season has put him in the mood to expose Dash for allegedly aborting their child. 

Ryan Prophet posted a screenshot of an old text message convo between he and Stacey. “It’s no secret seven years ago I met the woman of my dreams,” he said in the caption. “Later in our relationship she tells me ‘good news,’ well ‘GREAT NEWS,’ she’s pregnant. That was the best fucking day of my life. Later she starts to act funny towards me for someone else, while pregnant with my baby. The new guy she’s with requested for her to get an abortion so she could have his baby.”

Dash has been married 3 times. This must be around the time she got with her third husband Emmanuel Xuereb. According to Wikipedia, they were married from 2007-2011. He’s not the father of either of Dash’s two children, though.

Ryan Prophet continued his tea spilling, “Everyone, I don’t have kids. I’m in my feelings because even though that guy brainwashed her, she should have gave me my baby. It would have been a blessing to watch my seed unwrap gifts yesterday for Christmas. Thank you Stacey Dash for killing my baby while trying to please another MF.”

If Prophet looks familiar, it was because he was on MTV’s Catfish over the summer in search of a young lady named “Trinity.” However, that’s not who he met. I can only imagine he really met Stacey in real life, though.

The holidays are an emotional time of year for so many, especially those who have lost someone. If what Ryan Prophet is saying is true, this is a huge contrast from the conservative, pro-life Stacey Dash we know today. 

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