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NASA Seeks Volunteers For Its Upcoming One Year Simulation Mission To Mars

NASA is seeking a new set of volunteers to participate in a project focused on exploring the experience of inhabiting Mars.

In a recent announcement, the space company revealed its need for additional participants interested in residing within a simulated Mars environment at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, for one year.

The upcoming mission, known as CHAPEA (Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog), marks the second out of three missions. In this phase, four volunteers will reside in a 1,700-square-foot simulation named the Mars Dune Alpha. This habitat, constructed using 3D printing technology, features individual living quarters for each volunteer, a workspace, a medical station, lounge areas, a galley, and food growing stations.

During their stay in the habitat, crews will undertake a variety of responsibilities, including simulated spacewalks, robotic operations, habitat maintenance, exercise routines, and overseeing crop growth, as outlined by the organization.

To join the simulation, volunteers must possess a strong desire for unique experiences and an interest in aiding NASA’s preparations for the inaugural human expedition to Mars. Additionally, applicants must be between the ages of 30 and 55, non-smokers, and proficient in English.

Nevertheless, the organization further specified that crew selection will adhere to standard NASA criteria for astronaut candidates. A master’s degree in engineering, math, biology, or related sciences, along with professional experience or at least two years of doctoral work in those fields or a test pilot program, is required. Additionally, volunteers may be compensated for the mission and can qualify with 1,000 hours of piloting experience, military experience, or a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field coupled with four years of professional experience.

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