Nashville Bomber Hunted Aliens & Feared 5G Would Kill Society

More is being revealed about the Nashville bomber, Anthony Quinn Warner. According to investigators, Anthony Quinn Warner hunted aliens in his free time and feared that 5G was a threat to the human race.

Law enforcement sources confirmed to ABC News that the 63-year-old had written several conspiracy-fueled manifestos. It appears that the man was heavily invested in the lizard people conspiracy, which is the belief in an alien reptile that can take on human form. 

In addition to his beliefs, Warner also displayed odd behavior in the days leading up to the bombing. He claimed that he had cancer and gave away his vehicle. He then transferred the deed to his home for free and told his job that he would be retiring. It also appears that the man wanted a level of notoriety. Days before the Christmas bombing, he told neighbors that “Nashville and the world is never going to forget me.”

Warner bombed an RV in downtown Nashville around 6:30 a.m. The blast killed him and injured three others. Dozens of buildings were damaged, including an AT&T building. This led to outages across the region. Since AT&T’s wireless network now includes 5G capabilities, law enforcement is looking into whether or not that facility was the target for the bombing. 

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