Natasha Bedingfield Links Up With TikTok Creators For The “Unwritten” Challenge

Natasha Bedingfield Links Up With TikTok Creators For The “Unwritten” Challenge

Popstar Natasha Bedingfield has linked up with several TikTokers responsible for the re-emergence of her 2004 hit single, “Unwritten.”

If you were a fan of MTV’s “The Hills” in the early 2000s, then you are familiar with Bedingfield’s catchy tune, as it was the series theme song. The record was nominated for a Grammy and became one of the most memorable pop records of the 2000s. So when TikTokers began going viral for remixing and dancing to the track, it was only a matter of time before Bedingfield caught wind of the trend.

Back in April, Beginfield hopped on the platform to re-create one of the popular dance videos. She began posting reaction videos to some of her favorite “Unwritten” dance clips, and on Wednesday, Bedingfield linked up with several TikTok creators in-person to perform a live session of the single and dance routine.

In the video, Bedingfield sings “Unwritten” acapella while dancers, identified only by their TikTok handles (@rony_boyy, @yvngflickk, @digitalvibezinc, @jubi2fye, and @iconicwill) performed their moves behind her.

The video attracted over 600,000 likes on TikTok. Bedingfield also posted footage of her link-up with the dance crew to her Instagram, which gained another 17,000+ likes. The 39-year-old UK-born vocalist has shared numerous TikTok dance routines to her record across her social media platform.

Rony took to his Instagram, where he also posted the video with his crew and Bedingfield. In the caption, he wrote, “Who needs music when you got @natashabedingfield to sing for you…this LA trip was a blast, and this was the highlight.”

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