Naturi Naughton Speaks On Why She Left Her Relationship: “I Don’t Want To Be Married If It’s Not The Right Marriage Or The Right Person”

Naturi Naughton breaks down why she ended her relationship with her partner.

During an interview with Essence, the “Power” star discussed why she left her relationship regardless of the baby she shares with her ex and explained she doesn’t want to be pressured into the wrong marriage.

“I don’t want to be married if it’s not the right marriage and the right person,” the 35-year-old actress told ESSENCE. “Pressure is really induced by living up to other people’s expectations, and instead of trying to live up to somebody else’s expectations for me, I just need to be happy.” “A lot of people think that marriage is the quintessential success, but it’s not if the marriage is not grounded in the right foundation,” Naughton added.

“I went through a lot of feelings of inadequacy about why did my life not turn out to be the perfect picture story, but that’s just not what was written for me.”

While the breakup wasn’t easy, she used the sadness to create music in her new song “Stay Too Long.” “The song is literally about my story,” she revealed. “One of the lyrics is, ‘Three months after the baby was born, your love for me was gone. How could you flip the script on me?… Love makes you foolish and stay way too long.’ And the chorus is literally how we don’t see the signs. We don’t accept that this is not the right thing. We want to be in something so much that we stay in something that’s not good for us.”

The 35-year-old actress says her main concern in life is her daughter. “God gave me a beautiful child, and her father is great and still in her life, and we’re co-parenting. That’s a blessing in itself,” she said, referencing her ex. 

Naturi Naughton

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