NBA Planning To Allow Fans In Arenas This Season Despite Covid-19 Spikes

On Dec. 22, the NBA plans to host fans in various arenas when the league opens this season despite the second-wave of Covid-19 spreading across the nation.

A four-page memo was distributed on Wednesday to all team presidents, GMs, and arena directors on the safety guidelines for admitting fans — as long as those guidelines meet state regulations.

In the case of the Knicks and Nets game, it does not meet regulations. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo still has in place an edict stating  “no live audience, fans, or spectators are allowed to attend or permitted to enter any professional sports venue, even if an outdoor venue.”

According to sources, the memo emphasized safety to “provide a consistent standard for welcoming fans into arenas in a safe manner that reduces the risk of spread of COVID-19, is consistent with public health goals, and promotes fan confidence in attending NBA games.”

The memo indicated fan admittance might only apply to “some teams.’’

It doesn’t look like Gov. Cuomo will be lifting the ban anytime soon. On Wednesday, he implemented new curfew restrictions on indoor gatherings.

“We are following state guidelines. We look forward to the start of the season in December,” a Garden spokesman told The Post.

The memo also stated that there would be no “Celebrity Row” at the Garden, and fans wonts be allowed to sit “on the apron” of the court.

Fans must be seated 15 feet behind either the team bench or 10 feet from the court sideline if there are no seats near the bench.

In the NFL, some teams are allowing partial capacity, but that’s for outdoor sports. Federal health officials blame the spikes on colder weather for forcing gatherings inside.

One NBA rule includes a ticket-party group needing to sit 6 feet away from another party of fans. A ticketed party is permitted to sit together.

When entering the arena, fans must fill out a “symptom and exposure survey’’ and wear a mask unless eating or drinking.

However, those with tickets within 30 feet of the court must undergo a coronavirus test two days before tipoff or pass an NBA-approved rapid test the day of the game. The memo also states that those seated within 30 feet of the court can’t eat or drink at their seat.

Regarding suites, testing is not required for fans if the suite/club is at 25% capacity or less.

Guidelines in the memo “may be modified’’ pending the pandemic’s ever-changing status.

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