NBA Champs Golden State Warriors Skip Post-Championship Meeting With Donald Trump To Meet With Barack Obama Instead

Who wouldn’t choose a meeting with forever President Barack Obama over Donald Trump? That’s exactly what the Golden State Warriors did following their 126-118 victory against the Washington Wizards in DC. 

Pro sports teams are traditionally invited to the White House after winning championships, and luckily for Golden State, they earned the traditional invite two years in a row. Remember last year, when Trump “took back” his invite for the team to visit the White House after #StephCurry and #KevinDurant spoke against the visit? 

Well this time, the team didn’t even look Trump’s way and instead held an hour-long private meeting with Obama in his DC office, which according to Durant was an “amazing” meeting.

The Warriors previously met with Obama at the White House in 2016 after winning the 2014-15 NBA title and haven’t been back since. A team official reported that the Warriors’ visit with Obama was arranged by Curry, who has become friendly with the former president over the years. However, Curry took the modest route and claims he had “no idea” about how the meeting came about.

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors! Hopefully, they told Obama how much we miss him!

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