NBA Players Are Being Asked To Stay Out Of Facilities

After NBA Player Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, the NBA season was placed on hold immediately.

Now, following his diagnosis, more players have tested positive, including Donovan Mitchell, Kevin Durant, and three other Nets players.

As a result, players and other staff members are being asked to stay out of facilities.

Players were originally allowed to still work out, under the “one player, one basket, one coach,” rule, however, even that’s no longer permitted.

In a new memo obtained by The Associated Press, the league informed its teams that starting Friday, all training and practice facilities must close indefinitely, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, ABC News reports.

For players who still want to work out, they have to do it either at home or at another private facility.

The league explained that these precautions are being taken “in light of the rapidly-developing coronavirus situation, and consistent with evolving advice from health experts regarding how to promote individual and public health while minimizing the spread of the virus.”

The league also warned the players to stay safe during this time.

“Take aggressive measures to avoid contact with others and remain home as much as possible, leaving only for essential activities,” the league continued.

Those activities include: “buying food, medicine, or other necessary supplies; obtaining critical medical services; providing necessary care for a family member in another household; or attending to some other emergency.”

So far, four teams have reported members from their organization have tested positive for COVID-19, including 2 from Utah Jazz, one from Detroit Pistons, 4 from Brooklyn Nets, and one person from the Denver Nuggets.

However, according to NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, eight teams have been tested but have not publicly acknowledged results; therefore, the number of positive NBA players could be higher.

“Consistent with an increasing number of state and local government restrictions, and an emerging consensus regarding how to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus with which the NBA’s infectious disease and public health experts agree, effective tomorrow and until further notice, team practice or training facilities … will be closed to players and staff,” the NBA wrote in a statement.

The league informed its players that the ban also applies to G League facilities.


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