NBA Youngboy Accused Of Dodging Mandatory Drug Tests

Rapper NBA Youngboy is being accused of skipping his mandatory drug testing, which has led a judge to revoke his bond.

The drug testing was a part of Youngboy’s bond stipulations stemming from his September arrest. According to court documents, the Louisiana rapper was also supposed to abide by a daily curfew and monthly visits with authorities. However, the corrections service over Youngboy’s case said that while he “started out” following the rules, he soon failed to complete several of the required tasks.

The “Kacey Talk” artist missed his last check-in in January because of dental work he underwent in New York. He did not reschedule the appointment.

Failing to submit the drug tests, along with his most recent fleeing incident in Los Angeles, has caused a Louisiana judge to revoke the rapper’s bond Thursday. He will be required to stay in jail until his trial for his recent gun charges. Youngboy was initially apprehended in September along with several others for gun charges. He was out on bond when the FBI arrested him on March 23rd following a short police chase.

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