NBA YoungBoy Arrested On Drug, Felony Possession, and Stolen Firearms Charges; Lawyer Says He “Is Not Guilty”

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Monday in Baton Rouge, NBA YoungBoy and 16 other people were reportedly arrested on drug, felony possession, and stolen firearm charges.

According to TMZ, it’s unclear what led to the arrest, but videos posted to social media capture the rapper having a run-in with the cops. The video indicates it could’ve been a raid, and YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, happened to be one of the several people taken away in cuffs.

On Tuesday, September 29, the rapper’s attorney, James Manasseh, said in a statement, “Kentrell is not guilty of any crimes.” He said, “there’s nothing in the report that indicates that he did anything wrong. They arrested several people, and there was no indication that he had any guns or drugs on him at the time of the arrest. I ultimately believe he will be found innocent in all of this.”

As we know, this is not YoungBoy’s first run-in with the law. In December, he landed a plea deal in an assault and kidnapping case in Georgia. The rapper received no jail time. Instead, he was sentenced to 12 months probation and was fined $1500. He was then ordered to take anger management classes and to plead guilty to misdemeanor simple battery family violence. In February of 2018, surveillance camera footage captured the rapper body-slamming and dragging his girlfriend into his room.

The rapper’s probation ended early when a Louisiana judge decided to allow him the freedom to perform at shows and move to a different state. Prior to this incident, he was in jail because he was involved in a Miami shooting where he was thought to be the target of the crime.


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