NBA Youngboy Charged In Atlanta Drug Case

NBA Youngboy has been officially charged in his Georgia drug case from February with two misdemeanors, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and disorderly conduct. Although the charges are only misdemeanors, they could impact his separate and ongoing criminal case.

NBA was previously arrested along with a female companion, Starr Thigpen, after an altercation with housekeeping at a hotel. Starr allegedly hit one of the maids in the face before the police arrived and they were both taken into custody.

The new charges could potentially make matters worse for the rapper, as he was indicted in March 2018 for allegedly beating his girlfriend and allegedly holding her hostage. He faced felony kidnapping charges for that incident and has been out on bond since.

According to TMZ, NBA has a status conference in front of a judge in his kidnapping case next week.

NBA Youngboy

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