NBA YoungBoy Cops A Plea In Assault And Kidnapping Case

NBA YoungBoy has agreed to a plea deal in his assault and kidnapping case, in which the most serious charges have been dropped.

According to TMZ, the rapper pleaded guilty to misdemeanor simple battery family violence. In exchange, prosecutors dropped the charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault. With this agreement, he will avoid jail time, and instead receive a punishment of 12 months of probation and a $1,500 fine. YoungBoy will also be required to attend anger management classes and ordered to have no contact with his victim- who is also his ex girlfriend, Jania Jackson.

A grand jury handed down a 2-count indictment for aggravated assault and kidnapping after the rapper was arrested back in February 2018 for body-slamming his girlfriend and dragging her back inside their hotel room. The violent incident was captured on the hotel’s surveillance but his girlfriend vehemently defended him and did not want to press charges- insisting that the two were just playing around.

The Ware County District Attorney, George Barnhill told TMZ that NBA’s ex girlfriend refused to cooperate and did not come to court, which forced the DA to extend this plea deal to the rapper.

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