NBA Youngboy’s Lawyers Have Filed A Pre-Trial Release Request

NBA Youngboy’s attorneys are requesting that he be released from jail as he awaits trial for federal weapon charges.

Lawyers representing YoungBoy are asking for a pre-trial release on the grounds that they were blindsided by the “inexplicable tactical decision by the government” to arrest him in March rather than coordinate a voluntary surrender.

In the filing for the release, YoungBoy’s attorneys say that the title of the operation to apprehend the rapper was called “NEVER FREE AGAIN.” An FBI Digital Evidence Laboratory process report, which Complex viewed, also referred to the sting as “OPERATION NEVER FREE AGAIN.”

Attorney’s called the arrest a “wildly unnecessary militaristic display of force and intimidation.” Youngboy was already out on bond for the exact charges at a state level. They claim that the arrest “created a dangerous situation for everyone involved.”

Additionally, the rapper’s legal counsel stated that the weapons seized hadn’t been used in “any illegal manner” and were claimed by others.

In April, the “Lonely Child” star was ordered to remain behind bars leading to trial. He pleaded not guilty to federal weapon charges that same month.

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