NBC Launches New Diversity And Inclusion Programs

NBC Launches New Diversity And Inclusion Programs: ”It’s Critical That Underrepresented Talent Be Brought into the Industry in Early Career Positions”

NBC is incorporating two new programs to foster their diversity and inclusion efforts at the network, seeking to improve inclusion among production coordinators and production assistants. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Production Coordinator Program and Production Assistant Initiative will both provide on-the-job training for ethnically diverse individuals. 

Production Coordinator participants will shadow a production coordinator of a 2019-20 NBC series in two divisions: scripted finalists will remain on the same show throughout the season while finalist in the alternative division will rotate throughout several shows during the same time span. Applications for the PC program are available through June 14th and begins in July.

In a joint statement, NBC scripted programming co-presidents Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta said, “It’s critical that underrepresented talent be brought into the industry in early-career positions. Today’s production assistants and coordinators will be the production heads of the future. We hope these initiatives are a first step in opening doors for people who historically have not had the opportunity, and we are confident our programming will benefit by having more diversity both in front of and behind the camera.”

The Production Assistant Initiative will allow ethnically diverse participants to serve as production assistants on a scripted or unscripted NBC show produced by Universal Television or Universal Television Alternative Studio, also during the 2019-20 season. Applications for the PAI will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

Alternative and reality group president Meredith Ahr said in a statement, “While alternative programming often has great representation onscreen, behind the scenes we still see few if any people of color in key roles. Our new initiatives are designed to create a pipeline for underrepresented talent behind the scenes so that over time, we can mirror the representation that is seen onscreen.”

Karen Horne, senior VP programming, talent, development, and inclusion, said in a statement, “Our Production Coordinator Program and Production Assistant Initiative further demonstrate that we are committed to developing and providing opportunities to diverse talent in all facets of television production. We believe they will continue in the tradition of our other successful tentpole programs that have given numerous writers, directors, and actors their starts in the business.”

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