Neighbors Called Police To Help Woman In Domestic Violence Incident; Police End Up Attacking And Body-Slamming Woman

A woman ended up being attacked by the same police who were called to help her in a domestic abuse situation.

Neighbors of a woman who live in Williamson County called the police after the woman was involved in a domestic abuse incident with her boyfriend. When police arrived, the young woman answered the door and insisted that she was fine. She then told a Williamson County, Texas sheriff’s deputy that her boyfriend had left and that she wanted nothing to do with the police. “I do not want to talk to you, especially Williamson County,” the 20-year-old woman said, which was captured by police body camera footage. “Y’all have a really bad reputation. I do not want to deal with you.”

Just moments later, without any reason, deputy Lorenzo Hernandez forcefully grabbed the young woman. She screamed, and he then threatened to use his taser on her. Two other deputies with him body-slammed her to the ground, handcuffed her, and then searched her home. Texas allows law enforcement to enter a home without a warrant if they have a reasonable fear that someone inside is in danger, the outlet reports. This incident only adds to the several other acts of police brutality from the Williamson County Sheriff’s deputies. An ongoing investigation has brought many of the cases to light, according to USA Today.

Back in March 2019, the USA Today Network exposed the Tasing death of a Black father of two, Javier Ambler, during a traffic stop. Deputies have also been involved in several dangerous, high-speed police chases that were launched over minor traffic violations and infractions. Domestic violence advocates say the incident with the young woman only adds to why women and members of communities do not trust their local law enforcement. “Understand the circumstances y’all put yourselves in, and you make us have to deal with those issues,” Hernandez said to the woman after he unleashed her from the cuffs. Initially, the matter was adversity dealt with, but a former department sergeant told the Statesman that the incident was flagged to supervisors.

This week, the department’s chief deputy said that Hernandez’s actions in the matter were not in keeping with the high standards of the sheriff’s office.” Hernandez was suspended for a day after an internal affairs investigation was launched. Two months after the incident, Hernandez was promoted. He has yet to respond to a request for comment. The woman has asked to remain anonymous for the safety of her family.

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  1. So the cops were there to investigate domestic violence and end up handcuffing and body slamming the suspected victim.

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