Nene Leakes Claims She Experienced Abuse During Her Time On 'RHOA'

Nene Leakes Claims She Experienced Abuse During Her Time On ‘RHOA’

Nene Leakes is claiming she experienced abuse while on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

On Monday, the former “RHOA” made a series of tweets claiming she has text messages that detail ongoing abuse from her time with the show. “You can’t turn on your teammate and get away with this @ stevengrossman #DarrellMiller #Foxrothschild suppression, retaliation, discrimination, unequal pay, devaluation against black women is real, it’s painful and it hurts. I will fight for all women rights PS: FIX IT,” the reality start wrote. In the tweet she tagged her manager Steven Grossman, her attorney David Miller, and Fox Rothschild. 

“Sorry abt my typos! I don’t tweet abt the show, i do not watch the show, i don’t talk abt the show & i don’t talk abt the girls. My concern is the treatment & abuse behind the scenes that you DO NOT see. Please don’t make fun of that. It’s real, painful & it’s happening,” she said in another tweet. 

Her last tweet read: “I have numerous emails, text messages, RHOA group text, voice recording that go back yearsssss. I never got rid of anything! Fix your dirty work. Being a racist is so yesterday.”

These tweets follow a series of posts Leakes made on her Twitter on Feb. 1. “stand up, protest, sign the petition & stop watching! The treatment of black women behind the scene is wrong. Even the cast that’s currently filming knows wrong is & was happening. They try to silence us! We MUST speak up when wrong is happening. I won’t stop,” Leakes wrote. “They pay off & reward lawyers, managers, agents & even certain cast members to keep their dirty work going. I won’t stop speaking out until something is done. I will call names if need be,” Leakes continued. 

In her last tweets on Feb. 1, Leakes said she wouldn’t hesitate to call out individuals by name. “They scared to loose their checks but you can’t let them get away with Discrimination, retaliation and blacklisting and unequal pay! There’s power in numbers. I will start calling EVERYBODY OUT,” the tweet reads. “I didn’t say anything publicly for years but i spoke out behind the scenes in emails, text messages and conferences call. I can show you! I spoke to an executive for help as well for years. it MUST STOP! It doesn’t matter your race, just fight for what’s right.”




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