NeNe Leakes Shares Her Personal Favorite Viral "RHOA" Moments [Video]

NeNe Leakes Shares Her Personal Favorite Viral “RHOA” Moments [Video]

Love her or hate her, NeNe Leakes is reality TV gold.

From her quick wit to her iconic viral moments, the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s one-liners live rent-free in our heads.

Just ask fans of the show who have been calling for her return, even more so following Sunday night’s conclusion of season 14 of RHOA. The reality tv queen quickly became a trending topic on Twitter after Bravo aired part three of the reunion show, with fans noting that things just haven’t been the same since NeNe’s departure from the series.

Face it, viewers have been missing the former peach holder and her famous quotables.

Over the weekend, Baller Alert caught up with NeNe Leakes at the Revolt Summit, where she shared some of her personal favorite quotes that have since gone viral online.

“Probably one of my favorites is ‘they’re done, they’re done,'” NeNe says while mentioning she was talking about her teeth back then. “One of my other favorites is ‘ooooh chile, the ghetto, honey,'” she tells BA correspondent Angie B. “I have so many,” she continues.

NeNe explains, “I was just saying whatever it is I was saying, I never knew it would just take off– I was just talking.”

The reality tv star also mentioned her viral “the white refrigerator” quote from season six was another one of her favorites. That hilarious moment was taken from a scene when NeNe visited Kenya Moore’s temporary hotel stay amid her search for a home.

NeNe Leakes departed from the Real Housewives franchise in 2020 after starring in the series from Seasons 1 through 7 and 10 through 12.

“I have been on an extremely, extremely long, exhausting, tiring, emotional negotiation,” she said on her YouTube channel at the time. “There’s been a lot of emotion flying from both sides. It has been hard.”

Shortly after, she took to Twitter to seemingly accuse Bravo of mistreatment and even getting her blacklisted.

NeNe later filed a lawsuit against Bravo, NBC Universal, network executives including Andy Cohen and other related parties accusing them of violating federal employment and anti-discrimination laws.

The suit has since been dismissed.

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