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NeNe Leaks Reveals Husband Gregg Leaks’ Cancer Has Returned

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leaks revealed that her husband Gregg Leaks is currently back in the hospital because his cancer returned.

Yesterday, NeNe disclosed that Gregg had to have surgery during an Instagram Live session with The Jasmine Brand.

“He’s in the hospital. He’s been in the hospital; tomorrow it’ll be a week,” NeNe shared, “I’m sure he’ll be home in about a week or so. He had to have surgery, [because] his cancer did return.”

Gregg was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer in 2018. However, after treatment, the cancer went into remission for a period of time.

“He’s had this surgery before, and he was in the hospital for about 15 days,” NeNe explained, adding that she anticipates him needing the same length of time in the hospital to recover.

The situation has been “difficult,” according to NeNe, and the battle has caused a transformation in her husband; she said he is “super small.”

“If you’ve ever been around somebody who’s had cancer before, he’s different,” she shared. “He’s different.”

“I’d love for everybody to pray for Gregg; that would be beautiful. Pray for his strength,” NeNe said, adding, “And pray for me too.”



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