Netflix Paid Fake German Heiress Anna Sorkin $320k For Life Story, Pays Victims Back

Netflix Paid Fake German Heiress Anna Sorkin $320k For Life Story, Pays Victims Back

Anna Sorkin, the fake German heiress who scammed hundreds of thousands from banks under the name Anna Delvey, has sold the rights to tell her story to Netflix for $320,000.

After restitution payments and fines to victims, Sorkin, 29, will be left with only pennies.

To give a little background, in 2019, Sorkin was convicted of numerous counts of attempted grand larceny, theft of services, and larceny in the second degree for defrauding New York hotels and wealthy acquaintances, according to Daily Mail.

She was convicted of a 4 to 12-year prison sentence at Albion Correctional Facility in New York but expects an early release as soon as February 2021.

During her month-long trial, Sorkin lived lavishly in New York hotel rooms she could not afford. She even “promised a friend an all-expenses trip to Morocco and then stiffed her with the $62,000 bill and peddled bogus bank statements in her quest for a $22 million loan for a private arts club.”

The 29-year-old believes she hasn’t stolen any money, but she has agreed to pay City National Bank and Citibank, as she feels that she owes them.

“She said, ‘You know, I want them to be paid. I didn’t steal the money, but I do owe money, so I’m not going to fight it. That’s not who I am,” her attorney said.

Of the $320k Sorkin received from Netflix, she has already used the money to pay $199,000 in restitution to the banks she scammed, Insider reports. Another $24,000 has also been paid in state fines.

According to Daily Mail, $70,000 in restitution will go to Citibank.  “The Wall Street Journal first reported that Sorokin had already paid $100,000 she owed to City National Bank.”

Sorkin has already paid $75,000 in attorney fees, and she is bound to have more fees once her trial comes to an end.

Sorkin would not have been subject to pay anything at all if her appeal would have been successful.

“Inventing Anna” is set to be released later this year by Netflix and is being produced by Shonda Rhimes’s production company, Shondaland. Sorkin will be played by “Ozark’s” Julia Garner.

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