Netflix To Possibly Introduce New Service N-Plus; Will Give Users Custom Playlists For TV Series And More

Netflix is looking to implement a new service called N-Plus which will include custom playlists for TV series, behind-the-scenes-production content, and podcasts, according to CNet.

On Thursday, Netflix released data from a survey it did with its users. In the survey, the streaming platform inquired about what its users would like out of its new service N-Plus. According to the survey report, N-Plus would be an “online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows and things related to them,” CNet reports. 

Someone on the survey stated they’d like for N-Plus to include a list of all the music used in TV shows so users can create playlists. Users will reportedly also be able to create playlists of their favorite movies and series. Additionally, N-Plus could include content that lets audiences to “learn about a planned show (pre-production) and influence its development with feedback before filming has finished,” the report said.

According to a Netflix spokesperson, the platform sometimes creates polls about various topics to see what users like and want in the service. 

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