Netflix Unveils Trailer For  New Reality Dating Show ”Too Hot To Handle"

Netflix Unveils Trailer For  New Reality Dating Show ”Too Hot To Handle;” $100,00 Grand Prize If Contestants Can Keep Their Hands To Themselves

The popular streaming service platform, Netflix, which has leaped into the reality dating realm with shows like Love Is Blind and Dating Around, has revealed the first look at its latest hot-and-steamy series, Too Hot To Handle.

Set to premiere April 17, early reviews are comparing Too Hot To Handle to Love Island with a twist of celibacy.

The show will be centered around 10 sexy young singles from around the globe that will meet in a tropical paradise for what they think will be the most exotic vacation of their young lives.

But, here comes the twist. The contestants, whom all enjoy indulging in casual hook-ups, will have to give up their promiscuous ways for the duration on the show if they want to win the $100,000 grand prize.

So, there’s no kissing, no founding, and no self-pleasure of any kind. If a contestant breaks the rules, the amount of the prize money decreases.

All the ”DTF” singles will have to develop a deeper connection outside of the usual humping. Will these horny individuals resist the temptation? Or are they just too hot to handle?

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