Netflix’s Influencer Competition ‘The Circle’ Is Currently Casting For Season 2

Netflix’s latest craze, The Circle, is currently looking for its season 2 cast.

The creative competition sees contestants locked in a house, all living in separate apartments, with only an app to assist them in connecting with one another. At the end of each week, the contestants rank one another, with the two highest players becoming influencers. Their influencer status gives them the power to block one player from the game. In the end, one winner will be left standing to take home the $100,000 grand prize.

Fans who are interested in being contestants on The Circle can do so easily by going to the official casting site. Once there, fans will have the opportunity to choose from the different versions of The Circle with options such as The Circle UK and The Circle Brazil. After selecting the one you are interested in, potential contestants must agree to a couple of terms, which requires participants to travel to the UK where the series films and be at least 18 years of age.

Season one contestant Sammie spoke with Seventeen about what the process was like for being cast.

“I received a voicemail message from one of the casting members, and we ended up having a phone call just talking about the show and what it consisted of. I was like, ‘Oh, okay. Sounds cool. Sure, I’m down.’ I didn’t think anything of it. To be honest, I was like, ‘I would never get chosen for something like that. So why not do it anyway?’ So when I went through the Skype interview after that, everything kind of happened like a domino effect. I got passed on to the another person who was like, ‘They love you,’ and it just kept going and going. The next thing I know, it’s filming time,” She revealed.

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