Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind' Cast Member Carlton Morton Opens Up Coming Clean To Diamond Jack About Being Bisexual: “I Love People For Who They Are”

Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ Cast Member Carlton Morton Opens Up Coming Clean To Diamond Jack About Being Bisexual: “I Love People For Who They Are”

“Love Is Blind” participant #CarltonMorton is clearing up his shocking scene with love interest #DiamondJack.

Netflix’s new dating show, “Love Is Blind,” has people talking about one of the program’s couples, Carlton and Diamond. The show features ready-to-wed singles who live amongst one another for ten days in hopes of finding a life partner based on chemistry alone and not physical appearance.

For those who have been watching, Carlton recently proposed to Diamond following an intense conversation inside the pods. While it seemed the two were getting off to the right start, Carlton revealed a personal secret about his sexuality to producers. Carlton opened about his past dating women and men and said that he considers himself gender fluid, which is information he didn’t tell Diamond prior to asking for her hand in marriage.

When the two go on their honeymoon, Carlton breaks down into tears and tells Diamond about his sexuality. Afterward, the two take a break from one another in separate hotel rooms to calm down. When they reconvene, Diamond tells Carlton she felt “betrayed” and removes her ring. Things escalate when Carlton calls Diamond a “b*tch,” throws her ring in the pool to which Diamond responds by throwing a drink in his face.

During a sit-down on The Morning Culture on V-103, Carlton opened up about his sexuality. “The secret is I love people for who they are,” said Carlton.”For the average person, I am a bisexual or fluid male. I feel like being fluid there’s a bigger focus on love when people think of bisexual it’s to make the general pop [population] comfortable and give them something to identify with. For me, I would always say I love freely because for me it’s not a sexual thing. I’ve been celibate for longer than you would even believe by choice because I don’t believe in sex outside of a relationship. I’m open [to dating men and women] because I think it’s fair to say I love people for who they are.”

He also claims he’s never received a reaction like Diamond’s about his sexuality and says he’s used to “open-minded women.” “I don’t get how like DL men, your wife is calling you or your girlfriend’s calling you…you don’t think somebody told her something? I can’t hide in my career, I don’t have the luxury of keeping secrets,” said Carlton. He continued, “I don’t feel like it was completely misleading, I feel like in the setting we were in I proposed to her on the ninth day. Had I told her on the first day, it would’ve been ‘Well, let me go back and tell the other girls’ then I wouldn’t have found love. Do you really think women in that house would have been like I can get to know a guy that is fluid off bat?”

Show host Frank Ski told Carlton that he should not have withheld the details of his sexuality from Diamond. Carlton says he hinted to Diamond about his sexuality by asking her questions about the LGBTQ community. The reality says matters became tense, and at one point, he offered to leave the show. “My opinion was after seeing the blowup, I don’t think you were as sorry as you could’ve been,” said Frank Ski. “I think you were very defensive but at the end of the day she had every right to be mad, she had every right to throw a drink at you. Can you imagine if you sat in this studio and said, ‘I’m looking for love?’ Well so was she.”

He continued, “There were conversations prior that you didn’t see,” said Carlton. Like, ‘How do you feel about the LGBT community?” How would you feel about dates and stuff?’ I was trying to get a feel so I was trying to decide between her and another woman in the house. I was like, “Oh my god, who do I tell?!” There were several moments where I was able to tell producers, like listen, You can send me home because I feel like I need to say something, but I don’t feel like it’s the right time.’”

V-103’s other host, Ebony Steele, told Carlton that he “had to make a choice” when it came to his sexuality. But, Carlton says that forces people to choose the wrong identity. “That means that I have to be heterosexual or gay. You understand how incorrect that is and how offensive that is to bisexual people?” Steele retorted, “Yeah we do think very differently.”  Carlton responded, “You are basically wiping them out by saying they have to make a choice,” reiterated Carlton.

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  1. Why is everyone acting like he isn’t wrong? He’s a man who’s been with men in who knows what degree and he didn’t tell her before he got her all emotionally involved. Why was the only black man on the show bisexual? If I was her I would be upset too. Not once did he say I did this but I’m no longer into men. What he said was I love the totality and the outside doesn’t matter. So he’s lied and now she has to contend with him looking for man let alone other women.

  2. Carlton clearly loves setting himself up and playing the “victim” from the get go!

  3. Carlton is full of s***! I agree, he likes to play the victim. He should have said something up front. He acted like he had a vagina at the pool when talking to Diamond. She actually had a legitimate conversation. Hes a punk. Diamond deserves better!!

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