Never Give Up on Love By:@milagree

After going through trauma, your body becomes sensitized the fact that the trauma could happen again, in other words, your body is ready for the instance in which you might find yourself in that predicament again. When it comes to issues of the heart, the heart shuts down and protects itself from further pain, further hurt. You put up these barriers and these walls in order to protect yourself because in your mind, if you don’t allow yourself to love again, you wont get hurt again.

Loving someone is trusting someone with your heart and hoping that they wont break it. But what if everyone you have ever loved has left? What if everyone that you have ever allowed to penetrate these walls has decided that you weren’t the one for them? The fact of the matter is that after all of these heartbreaks, all of these cold and depressing nights wondering how you could’ve salvaged that relationship and what you could have done to prevent that person from leaving, you are left with a broken heart.

The bright side is that time heals all wounds if you allow them to heal. If you hold onto your pain, if you keep people out, they will eventually leave because no one wants to love someone only to feel as thought they aren’t ever really connected. You can keep the façade of pretending to be interested for only so long. Eventually, someone who wants to love you, wants to feel you and know you will pick up on the fact that you haven’t ever let them in. That relationship won’t last even if that other person wants to love you. You have to allow love in in order to feel the most wonderful feeling in this world, having love reciprocated.

Yea, its easier said than done, but I have learned and not the easy way that my failures aren’t my failures, they are lessons, things that have made me who I am and have helped me figure out the kind of man I want, the kind of relationship I want and need and the things I will and will not tolerate. But the most important lesson that I have learned is that with a closed off heart, I will never find true love. With a closed off heart, all I can do is push those away who try to love me. They will not be able to penetrate the wall I have created because that wall can only be taken down and destroyed by me.

Of course, this leaves you open to pain, heartache even if but there is no gain without pain. Pain will come from those who aren’t the one’s for you, but because someone doesn’t want you, and because someone doesn’t see you as the amazing FUCKING person that you are doesn’t make you less of a person, it means that the stars weren’t aligned for you two. You are destined for something greater and stronger. So don’t become a cynic, and don’t close yourself off to love, be weary of who you let in but never say no to love. After all, the heart will mend itself. 

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