New Adoption App Allows Parents to Swipe Left on Children

New Adoption App Allows Parents to Swipe Left on Children


In this day and age, you can get almost anything at the touch of your fingertips. Food, clothes, a man and now, maybe even a baby.

A new proposed app, called the Adoptly app,  has implemented a Tinder type service that will allow you to swipe right for a baby, or left if you want to keep looking. However, the high tech service has ruffled a few feathers, as experts say this “impulse gesture” is not a good fit for the adoption process.

The idea of swiping left on children didn’t sit well with some, as the idea of rejecting children is a bit harsh, to say the least.

“When parents adopt they first find an agency to develop trust,” a pediatrician said. “This is like picking a doctor before having a baby. Looking at photos and videos is commonplace, but picking children by swiping photos is an emotionally difficult experience for someone wanting to adopt. It means actively rejecting children after child.”

Aside from the idea of rejecting a child, many are skeptical about the app, as it’s marketing information isn’t as realistic as one may want to believe. According to reports, the Kickstarter page, which has recently been suspended, and the website, all show a cute infant, which experts say is a rarity in a real adoption.

However, according to Fox News, the co-founder of the app believes there has been a big misunderstanding about the app and insisted that it is a legitimate service.

“We are not dictation which options are made available,” Alex Nawrocki said. “Adoptly acts like an aggregator of agency and network databases already in existence, pulling in legally pre-approved profiles, making the adoption process much simpler.”

Apparently, the app is just an introduction for the adoptive parents. Once a couple swipes right, that will begin the process.

While, the app has sparked controversy, a few people are happy to see people thinking outside of the box, in regards to adoption. Sources say, there are about 400,000 kids in foster case and about 100,000 are available for adoption.

What are your thoughts? Would you use this app?

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