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New Details Released Of Teen Girls Charged In Deadly UberEats Carjacking, Teens Allegedly Wanted To Steal A Car That Day

Two teenage girls, ages 13 and 15, have been charged with felony murder after allegedly attempting to carjack a food delivery driver’s car in D.C., resulting in a crash that killed the driver.

According to the Washington Post, the attempted carjacking happened outside Nationals Park on Tuesday afternoon, when the two girls, armed with a stun gun, attacked 66-year-old Mohammad Anwar and tried to make off with his car.

Cops did not explain precisely how the incident started, except to say the teens jumped in Anwar’s car at the Navy Yard Metro station, and a struggle ensued. According to a police department spokesman, Anwar’s Honda Accord then accelerated, crashing into parked vehicles and bending a metal rack before landing on its side and ejecting the man.

Based on witness accounts and a video recording of the incident, Detective Chad Leo of D.C. Police said an argument and what appeared to be a struggle began with the 13-year-old shouting, “He’s got my cellphone!” The victim was standing outside of his car at the time, with the 15-year-old in the driver’s seat and the other girl in the front passenger seat, Leo stated.

Anwar attempted to force his way back into the car by climbing on top of the teen in the driver’s seat, but the 13-year-old reached over from the passenger seat, turned on the car’s ignition, and “manipulated” the gear shift, Detective Leo explained.

The car took off with Anwar “hanging outside the car” through the open driver’s door, Leo said. The vehicle careened forward and sped down the block, making a sharp right turn, before hitting a curb, where it overturned, landing passenger side up. Anwar was ejected from the vehicle and suffered broken bones and injury to his head, Leo announced.

Detective Leo testified that after the teens were arrested, one of them confessed to authorities that she and her companion wanted to steal a car.

The teens are charged with felony murder and armed carjacking and are being held pending their next court date on March 31.

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