New Emergency Program Gives American $50 Off Of Their Internet Bill
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New Emergency Program Gives Americans $50 Off Of Their Internet Bill

Americans can now receive $50 off their monthly internet bill as part of a new emergency government program.

The $3.2 billion program is meant to ensure that people stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a part of the $900 billion December pandemic relief package. With the coronavirus outbreak forcing health care, schools, and jobs to go virtual, it became clear very early on that many Americans did not have access to the internet. This new initiative will ensure that the internet is affordable for all.

The application process to receive the $50 discount began on Wednesday. Those eligible include individuals who receive food stamps, have a child enrolled in the free or reduced school lunch program, use Medicaid, or lost their job during the pandemic. Individuals who made $99,000 or less are eligible, while joint filers who made $198,000 or less are eligible.

The funding is expected to last for several months. Those wanting to apply may do so at:

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