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New Footage Of Playboi Carti’s 2022 Speeding Arrest Shows Him Driving At 130 MPH [Video]

Playboi Carti was captured on newly surfaced footage of his 2022 speeding arrest, driving at a speed exceeding 130 MPH.

TMZ Hip Hop recently obtained the police report of Carti’s 2022 arrest. The rapper faced numerous traffic violations, including reckless driving. Despite attempting to plead his case with the arresting officer, he was unsuccessful. The footage captures a police officer instructing the rapper to turn off the car’s engine and place his hands outside the window. The officer questions Carti about driving at 130 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, to which Carti responds, “I’m rushing because I had an emergency. It was an emergency. I got stuff going on with my family. I live in Buckhead, I’m trying to get somewhere.”

According to court documents, a search of Carti’s car uncovered a Glock handgun on the passenger seat, equipped with an extended magazine, though no round was chambered. The firearm was legally registered to Carti, and a background check confirmed that he was not a convicted felon. Subsequently, Carti’s uncle arrived at the scene and took possession of the weapon at Carti’s request.

This marks the first public reveal of the arrest, despite Carti being apprehended three months later on charges of allegedly choking his pregnant girlfriend. In a statement provided to the police, Carti’s then-girlfriend reported that they were engaged in an argument when the rapper allegedly “grabbed her by her throat and pushed her into the bushes.” She further claimed that two individuals employed by Carti were present and witnessed the incident without intervening.

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