New Jersey 18-Year-Old Allegedly Murdered Neighbor To Go Viral On TikTok

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen aspiring TikTokers post a series of attention-seeking tactics to go viral, but what is considered going too far? Perhaps murder?

18-year-old Zachary Latham repeatedly stabbed his 51-year-old neighbor, William Durham, Sr., to death in May during an ongoing family feud, Complex reported.

The family said they believe that Latham lured them into his house after multiple altercations, which he filmed for his TikTok. It was noted that one of Latham’s videos received more than 3 million views.

In a video posted in April, Durham’s wife, Catherine—who Latham repeatedly called “Karen”— confronted the teen about his driving after he swerved toward her 17-year-old son riding a bike.

In another video, Latham yelled, “I got a knife, dude” to Durham’s 21-year-old son, William, after the young man attempted to open the teen’s car door while he was driving.

According to the magazine, lawyers on the family’s side claim that there is an additional video, now deleted, of Latham holding a gun saying, “this is how you handle neighbors.”

Following multiple disputes, Mr. Durham confronted Latham, which led to the deadly encounter that left Durham stabbed and tased several times.

Contrary to the teen’s self-defense claims, the family’s lawyers said that Latham’s wife, Sarah, recorded the slaying, adding that the two intended to post the videos to TikTok and “become TikTok famous.”

Prosecutors are now seeking to upgrade Latham’s charges from aggravated manslaughter and assault to first-degree murder. Additionally, they are requesting to drop the criminal trespass and assault charges against the family.

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